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biological control assistance program

The Park County CWMA offers assistance for securing and distributing select biological control agents for noxious weed management. 

What is Biocontrol?

Biocontrol is the use of insects to reduce the productivity of noxious weed species in an effort to aid in the integrated management of noxious weed infestations. 

Important things to know about Biocontrol:

  • Releasing biocontrol agents is not an eradication approach to noxious weed management. 

  • Monitoring your insect population in addition to releasing agents multiple years will play a significant role in your weed management plan. 

  • Biocontrol should not be used on small, sporadic noxious weed infestations. 

  • The ideal release site for biocontrol is 3 acres or more of fairly consistent noxious weed infestation.

Frequently Managed Noxious Weed Species

  • Knapweedspecies

  • Dalmatian toadflax

  • Yellow toadflax

  • Leafy spurge

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